I LOVE MUSIC. Music is a language which can reach everyone's heart. Also, parties are unimaginable without music! Celebrating summers with parties and hangouts is truly an amazing idea. With the best music being played in a party, we enjoy the time to the fullest.

What it does

The project picks the songs from your playlist, having genre that matches your mood! Plus, you can schedule your music too! Our musicBot asks you about the music you would like and when, you just tell it once and it will play your music as scheduled! Bravo!

How I built it

I built the prediction model using the BigQuery (GCP) , and I created a dataset of Bollywood songs to train the model. I also created a musicBot using the Dialogflow api (GCP) and linked it to the model which I created.

Challenges I ran into

Creating the musicBot was completely new to me. Also, I found it challenging to link the musicBot and the prediction model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to create what I thought of, and honestly I needed something like this in real life too because I find it quite frustrating when I am in a party mood and a sad song is played :)
So, I found building this project quite interesting, and I enjoyed it a lot.

What I learned

I learned to create and import datasets. I learned to query datasets. And, I learned to create a chatBot ! Truly amazing experience.

What's next for music

I would like to create my own mashups for songs! It would be quite cool ! Heading forward to becoming a DJ with machine learning :)

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