On a recent road trip to LA, our different music preferences came into conflict. Andrew is into pop music from the 2010s, Ben likes sappy slow songs, and Akshaya's songs are like kinda emo and sad. And so the best we could do was have each of us add songs in alternating fashion. There had to be a better way.

What it does

Music Merge merges the music preferences of a group. Instead of pop music, sappy slow songs, and sad songs being each individually added, the median of these three genres are instead added, so that each song can be enjoyed by the entire group.

How we built it

We built a web app using Flask and Python for the backend and HTML/CSS for the frontend. We used the Spotify API to allow users to authenticate, provide links to playlists, and play the curated synthesized playlist.

What's next for Music Merge

We are seeking seed funding. Slide in our DMs.

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