Everyday we spend hours filling out our Google Calendars to stay organized with our events. How can we get the most out of our effort planning ahead? While Spotify already recommends music by our individual tastes, how can we utilize artificial intelligence and software integration to get music that fits our daily routine?

What it does

By integrating Google Calendar, Spotify, and Wolfram technologies, we can create a simple but powerful web application that parses your events and generates playlists specifically for your events.

Going on a date? Romance playlist. Lot's of studying? Focus playlist. Time for bed? Sleep playlist.

How we built it

After identifying a problem and working on a solution, we worked on designing our site in Figma. This gave us an idea of what our final product would look like. We then integrated Google Calendar and Spotify APIs into our application. This way, we can get information about a user's upcoming events, process them, and suggest Spotify playlists that meet their mood. We implemented Wolfram's Cloud API to understand the user's GCal events and route to related spotify playlists for each event accordingly. Finally, to make sure our app was robust, we tested various events that a typical student might list on their calendar. We added some styling so that the final product looks clean and is easy to use.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating Google Calendar, Spotify, and Wolfram.

What we learned

Integration of various API's

What's next for

As of now, is only a web application. Going forward, we want to offer this product as an app on phones, watches, and tablets as well. We want users to be able to control their own music as well. If they want to listen to a custom playlist every time they have a specific event, they should be able to "link" an event with a playlist.

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