Have you ever wished that your friends had a similar music taste as you? Do you have a music taste that is so unique that you feel like only 1 in a million would be able to bond with you over music? Fret not! By using our platform, you can seamlessly log in using our Spotify authentication and we will begin to analyze your account. Within seconds, you will be matched with someone who has a similar music taste as you, and you can easily chat with them using the Vonage API.

But this isn't just a normal Spotify analyzer... it's easy to find someone with the same music genre/artist taste as you. However, our advanced algorithms analyze even up to the small details of music tastes with acousticness, energy, danceability and more!

What it does

  • Log into our platform and authenticate using Spotify
  • Gain access to your profile and instantly be matched with others who have a similar music taste/style as you!
  • Chat with matches using in-app client messaging using the Vonage-API
  • Learn advanced and detailed statistics about your music style

How we built it

We built our platform using a React Javascript frontend and Node.js backend. For our database, we used Firebase's Cloud Firestore to hold our user values retrieved from the Spotify API.

Challenges we ran into

Working with the database and vonage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working prototype!

What we learned

There is so much more to music taste!

What's next for Music Match

To take over the world... and our brand new mobile application!

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