Music has become a crucial part of people's lives, and they want customized playlists to fit their mood and surroundings. This is especially true for drivers who use music entertain themselves on their journey and to stay alert. Based off of personal experience and feedback from our peers, we realized that many drivers are dissatisfied with the repetitive selection of songs on the radio and also on the regular Spotify playlists. That's why we were inspired to create something that could tackle this problem in a creative manner.

What It Does

Music Map curates customized playlists based on factors such as time of day, weather, driving speed, and locale, creating a set of songs that fit the drive perfectly. The songs are selected from a variety of pre-existing Spotify playlists that match the users tastes and weighted based on the driving conditions to create a unique experience each time. This allows Music Map to introduce new music to the user while staying true to their own tastes.

How we built it

HTML/CSS, Node.js, Esri, Spotify, Google Maps APIs

Challenges we ran into

Spotify API was challenging to work with, especially authentication. Overlaying our own UI over the map was also a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a lot and having something to show for it The clean and aesthetic UI

What we learned

For the majority of the team, this was our first Hackathon and we learned how to work together well and distribute the workload under time pressure, playing to each of our strengths. We also learned a lot about the various APIs and how to fit different pieces of code together.

What's next for Music Map

We will be incorporating more factors into the curation of the playlists and gathering more data on the users' preferences.

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