Inspiration - We all bounced ideas off of each other until this unique idea came up and we went with it!

What it does - Our project creates an interactive audio experience using Unity 5 and Oculus Rift. Our project plays music and we coded it so light sources respond to the intensity of the audio creating a visual experience that corresponds with the music being listened to.

How we built it - We used the program Unity 5 and the hardware device Oculus Rift.

Challenges we ran into - Dynamically affect the textures and shader's of the materials being utilized.

Accomplishments that we are proud of - Figuring out how to sync the lighting system with the intensity of the sound.

What we learned - Using Unity 5 is quite complex and difficult but with patience and determination can create fantastic projects.

What's next for Music-Lite - Our next move for Music-Lite is to determine how to dynamically affect wave form in a water texture relative to the intensity of the audio being played.

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