We wanted to take it easier this hackathon and do a "fun" hack.

What it does

The user can search for a song in the Spotify library, and Music in Motion will make a music video based off of the lyrics of the song.

How we built it

Music in Motion first searches for the song in the Spotify library, then scrapes the internet for the lyrics to the song. It then takes main keywords from the lyrics and uses those to find relevant gifs for each line of the song. These gifs are put together in succession and synced with the lyrics of the song to create a music video.

Challenges we ran into

Our initial plan to use .lrc files to sync lyrics with gifs was thrown out the window when we weren't able to secure a reliable source of .lrc files. However, we found other ways of getting lyric timings that were nearly the same quality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the lyrics/gifs to sync up with the music was very challenging. Although not always perfect, we're definitely proud of the quality of what we were able to accomplish.

It also looks nice. At least we think so.

What we learned

APIs can be very unreliable. Documentation is important.

What's next for Music In Motion

FInding a reliable way to get .lrc files or lyric timings for a given song. Also finding other, more reliable gif APIs, since Giphy didn't always have a gif for us.

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