Voice assisted services for google home to discover new music and experience best music using amiable voice commands. In order to avoid the bubble effect for each account it’s history of play/liked/shared/searched songs is stored using an ID for it’s type/song’s ID/artist’s ID. Instigating recommender which suggests music/songs which hasn’t been played on the account over user’s command of explicit discovering or after normal play. Inorder to mitigate the problem of choosing which new songs to recommend from a million new songs, we will use the account details as date of birth and will shuffle songs from the decade after the user’s birth so to catch the interest. If the song is not been played again then the next shuffle will reduce the timeframe range from the birth inorder to capture the interest.

How I built it

Using dialogflow we created a webhook that takes voice instruction from google home and plays music. The data we are fetching through deezer api rest calls. And we have used node.js for server side coding.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating dialogflow and api calls for streaming music.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully creating a prototype with the ideas we had in mind for overcoming the problems.

What I learned

Better understanding of the user requirements and how to provide better user experience. Understanding the requirements and potential of new age entertainment apps.

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