Turn sheet music pages, tune your guitar, read a keyboard user manual using simple head movements. Music Studio VR is a creativity support application that allows the musician to perform in a home studio without interruption to their flow of creativity. The customizable views are controlled by simple head movements – allowing the musicians hands to remain in place on their instruments.

Available views include: • Sheet music (or guitar tablature) viewer. Turn pages by turning your head. • Guitar tuner. Look down to bring up the guitar tuner view. • Video viewer. Scoring a movie or video? Write the score for a video while the video using a virtual reality view. Reverse, pause and forward through the video using simple head motions. • Web browser. Need to view a product guide while you figure out how to use your new keyboard or drum machine? Use the web browser view to read the manual at the same time you tweak knobs and navigate menus on your keyboard. • DAW portal*. View your DAW using a remote connection to your workstation. • Level monitor view. Need to adjust the volume? Check output levels for clipping or for signals that are too low.

Customizing and using views: • Music Studio VR has three view layers – top, middle and bottom. One view can be assigned to each layer at a time. • Switch between top, middle and bottom view layers by moving your head up, down or looking forward. • The sheet music view uses left and right head movements to turn pages back or forward. • The video view uses left and right head movements to reverse, pause and forward a video. • A keyboard player may wish to put the sheet music view or video view in the bottom layer because they typically look down as they perform. A guitar player may wish to put the sheet music view (in tablature mode) into the middle layer and the guitar tuner in the bottom layer because they typically look forward when they perform and look down to check their guitar tuner.

  • The DAW portal may not be possible if the latency between the Moverio and the workstation is too great or if a remote desktop application is not available. All other views are expected to run directly on the Moverio’s main unit.

NOTE: I am classifying my app as an enterprise app because it can be used in both home studio environments by hobbyists and in commercial studio environments by professionals. My app does not really fall into the gaming category.

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