Didn't you ever sing a few notes of your favorite song? Wouldn't it be great to get rewarded for singing these few notes? Right there where you stand, under the shower, in a park, on the street, at the bus stop... And just when you feel like singing? What if listening to the radio would become a real interactive experience?

What it does

Sing along with your favorite hits while showing your love for your favorite radio station! You can compete against your friends and share your greatest moments

How it is built

With love, a lot of ingenuity, team work to find a way to be organized.

Challenges we ran into

Defining a common project where everybody felt involved in and challenged by their very skills. Pivoting our project at the end of the second day of coding. Using a lot of tools, working in the same direction, understanding each other

What we have learned?

working in benevolence to reach all together the next step

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a positive, solution oriented and committed Team. Sharing our skills and knowledge.

What's next for Music Challenge 2 : 7s L.A.C.Y

this app can also provide some challenges as well (music contest on the radio,...), Depending on the technical challenges we face, will be:

  • Improving the experience (eg.: add filters for the voice, adjusting the tone to the users voice)
  • Increasing the social network capability (eg.: filming oneself and sharing on social media like TIKTOK, Taking pictures to share on Instagram…)
  • Using the GPS function for users to get together (matchmaking, flashmob, special events, 3 singers in the bus…)
  • And more to come. Positive, solution oriented, committed
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