The inspiration for our app was born when we took notice on how label musicians and independent artists struggle to market and sell their music. Many musicians suffer from the pain of not getting the credit they deserve or getting their fair share for the music that they created.

What is Dapollo?

Dapollo is a web3 DApp that allows musicians to fully embrace their creativity by using a unique minting process that allows artists to upload their music and convert them into NFTs. Dapollo is a decentralized NFT marketplace for music that allows for its users to feel confidence by safeguarding of user privacy, the lack of censorship, and the flexibility of development.

How it was built

React HTML and CSS was used for the Front-end. NodeJS and ExpressJS was used for the Backend. Solidity was used to develop blockchain Smart Contracts. Truffle was used for testing. MetaMask was used to simulate a crypto wallet.

Challenges to overcome

The biggest obstacle that the team had to face was learning about the web3 space. The technologies are so new that even experienced developers can be somewhat unfamiliar with the web3 stack.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Being able to create a functional decentralized Smart Contract marketplace by learning the Web3 technology stack. Connecting ERC721 Smart Contracts to the front end.

What's next for Dapollo

Further improving the frontend functionalities and expanding the marketplace to launch a movement in the music industry.

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