We took choir together in high school, and decided to bring that passion back from the depths of our memories to create Music Battle!

What it does

Music Battle uses question based battle to test your music theory knowledge. Get a question right, Piano Snake loses a life. Get a question wrong and you lose a life. Who will survive? Only your music theory prowess will decide!!

How I built it

Using PlayCanvas, we utilized 3D model creation, javascript, and PlayCanvas's own library of commands to create a 2D RPG Music Game!

Challenges I ran into

For our team of two, one of us had never used PlayCanvas before, and the other hadn't done a hackathon before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we could complete one level of our game in under 24 hours. We had so much fun making the art and engineering the questions for Octave Cat.

What I learned

We gained a greater understanding of communication during a collaborative time crunch. We were able to increase our understanding of game design and development.

What's next for Music Battle

More levels, more characters, and a whole lot more music puns.

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