Inspiration and Problem Statement

Museums today can be exclusive. People with various accessibility needs might not have the necessary amenities at museums around them.

Project Idea

We’re creating a web app that helps users with different accessibility needs determine which museums around them are the most accessible for them. We present all the information they need to enjoy the museum in one universally designed platform.

Scope of the web app

For the sake of simplicity, we picked 10 museums in New York City and 6 common accessible amenities as the basis of out web app for this project.

How to use?

Imagine Jenn, she broke her leg, thus would need crutches or a wheelchair to move around. Jenn would want to go to a Museum that has elevator access to all floors and has wheelchair rentals, but she doesn't know which museum would offer all. Here comes Museum Go!

  1. On the landing page, she enters her current address and checks off accessibility amenities she needs.
  2. The web app directs her to the second page where a list of museums most suitable for her is generated.
  3. To know details about the specific museum, she could click on the museum of interest on the list.
  4. She will be direct to a Museum details page, where there are links to the official website of the museum.

How does it work?

We take in 2 metrics that determine how suitable a museum is for a user, distance from user and number successful accessibility amenities matches. The closer the distance, the higher the distance score. The more accessibility amenities matches, the higher the amenities score. We combine those 2 scores to produce a total score. The higher the total score, the higher the museum will be on the list.

How we built it

UX/UI Design and Prototyping by Cheryl Man (Adobe Xd, Sketch)

Front End by ZhenQi Teo (JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Google Maps API)

Back End by Melody Lam and Michelle Han (Spring, Java).

Biggest Challenges we face

This is the first time both our front and back end developers used these frameworks for building, so getting it up and running was not an easy task. We understand our product is not perfect, and that dummy data is used for demo, but the gist is there!

What's next to MuseumGo

We hope to expand the available accessibility amenities so more people with various accessibility needs could enjoy the Museum experience. We also hope to add distance from accessible public transport as a factor in the scoring system. Eventually, this app could go beyond recommendations for museums, to restaurants or other public transportation stations.

Thank you for stopping by and to all the mentors who helped us through!

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