One of the main problems associated with tour softwares is usually on how to be able to locate the user within the boundaries of the building and how to help him navigating through the environment, while giving the added information about the different expositions existing within the museum. Augmented Reality provide several solutions that can help solving most of the problems associated with those tasks:

  • Presenting information about expositions, as the elements of the exposition can be used as markers to enable then AR info about it (Painting, Sculpture, Illustrations, etc...)
  • By using the recognized information its position within the museum and the ability of AR solutions to calculate distances and recognize floors and walls, helps the user to navigate through the museum with added value information, about not only where to go, but what is the content that will be find by the user.

The Epson Moverio will allow museums to integrate an added valure AR solution that will create new experiences while visiting the museum, which will contribute do drive a new interest on museums and their collections.

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