Seizure Detecting App/Headband with IOT Connectivity for HackPSU 2016

Contents: 1) Android Code for the MuseBand Application - This package uses the Muse Android API and Android Studio to allow for smartphones to connect to the Muse Headband. The application also calculates brain wave signals based off of connected data and can be paired with the IOT devices whose codes are also written in this repository. The sample example of this utility is a device that turns on lights and unlocks doors for emergency services in the event that the Muse wearer experiences a seizure.

2) Arduino Code for IOT Applications - This code base provides wide for many different arduino models, with the name of the specific build of the board enumerated in the file names.

3) Spark Core IOT Code - The Spark Core is used as a lightweight example of a device that makes use of already created wifi networks to facilitate communication between machines without the need for a server-based messaging framework. This would allow for connection between local devices to work as long as a local network has been created, even from a cell phone or laptop. Additionally, this system has the potential to gain connectivity to allow for both an internally facing and externally connected wireless solution.

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