A Muse Masterpiece: Creating a visual representation of what your brain is doing! (Not just a worthless graph)

Check out our AWESOME SITE! and if the DNS works out, our site will be available at Don't forget to peak at our linguistic rainbow of a GitHub repo and catch us at the expo for our story!

Without any knowledge of how to make an iOS app, our team dove right in to figure it all out. We hope you enjoy your own visual representation of your mind. Visual keys can help when we have an end goal, so if you are dealing with stress maintenance, anger management, or just trying to keep calmer longer, take a snapshot and compare over time. Typically, the MUSE attempts to help you know you are doing well with sound ques, but these ques can sometimes do the opposite of encourage us to stay calm. So instead, have an awesome visual option.

-Team JNS

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