MuseInvader is a space invader game you play with your mind! Using the MUSE headband, beta waves can be detected and used for movement.

How does it work?

Beta waves are often associated with active, busy, or anxious thinking and active concentration, this is used to propel your ship to the right. When the player wants to move to the left, they just simply must quiet their mind and relax. To fire bullets at the incoming enemies, the player simply blink their eyes. The MUSE SDK offers a very easy way to detect eye blinks.

Game Design

The game's design is intended to be very relaxing and non-stressful. There is no end goal and there is no lose state, however there is a point system. This allows the player to focus solely on practicing their movement and accuracy while feeling a sense of progression.

The game offers both a co-op mode and a duel mode for 2 players! Two MUSE headbands are needed for this gamemode. The co-op mode functions the same as single player, except it has two ships controlled by each player. Duel mode is a 1v1 where the players go against each other to try to hit eachother. In duel mode, there is no death state and no end goal, just like single player. Each player has a 'shots hit' score so players have a progressive goal to compete against, but don't have to stress to much about losing.

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