We start from the principle that business wants to turn the platform in an auto-sustainable system to attract both influencers and brands automatically. We also had a vision that MuseFind wants to keep a closer contact/relation with their customers.

With this terms we designed a new website that can clearly pass a message to influencer and brand they can achieve their goals conecting to each other through the platform.

What it does

MuseFind Redesign website - New concept

How we built it

Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, php, javascript, fonteawesome,

Challenges we ran into

Not clear requirements or roadmap of business and platform. People capabilities Deadline short

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made an excellent work in few days using people quality knowing our limitations. We are friends now! We start to build the tech network in Canada Canada companies relationship

What we learned

Friendship, commitment, discipline, respect and hard work, they are the perfect combination to success

What's next for MuseFind Redesign Webpage

We hope you guys can enjoy our work, we can do much more!

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