Challenge: Musefind (

Team: Claudio Traspadini Oliveira

Language: Node.js


Come up with a UI design for our brands to collaborate with influencers.

We are currently working on the backend and would like to create a simple and intuitive interface for brands and influencers to communicate with.

We have a good idea of what kind of layout we need, we need assistance in making sure what we build contains all the necessary requirements of the end user.

What I did?

1) Nodejs Framework MVC based express

- Memory database

- Simple controllers overlay

2) Frontend

- Angularjs

- create user interface.

- structure javascript and css

3) Tools

- Grunt


- Published in Elasticbeans (AWS)

Instal and Run

Install Nodejs in your machine (

Open the terminal and browse to the project directory.

Install Packages (npm install)

Run project node server.js

Pages created (user: kjkj, pass: kjkj )

Built With

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