We wanted to tackle a new challenge we have not done before, and so we thought developing for a platform we haven't developed before would be a fantastic start!

How it works

The MuseCursor is a desktop application that enables the user to control the computer's mouse cursor without having to use a mouse. It achieves this through the use of the Muse Headband, a new piece of wearable technology. Through the use of the Muse's accelerometers and a finite state machine we implemented ourselves, we are able to allow the user to control the mouse cursor using his head.

Target Audience

The MuseCursor is a proof-of-concept project created during Hack the Planet, and is therefore not meant for production. However, we had a goal and a target audience in mind when we undertook this development. The goal is simply to allow the handicapped to be able to user computers effectively. Having no arms, for example, is a huge handicap when using a computer, since this means not being able to use a keyboard or a mouse. The MuseCursor is meant to address this problem by enabling users to control the mouse cursor with their heads instead.

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