When we first came to MLH Prime, we all came with different ideas in mind, but we all knew that we wanted to integrate the Muse headband in some way or another. We were also introduced to the Bose SoundTouch system, and were amazed. As we started brainstorming ideas for projects, we realized that we needed some music to help us along the thinking process. We then figured that it would be a cool idea to have an app that would be able to translate our current mood into appropriate music that would play automatically on Bose.

What it does

MUSEC is an android app that uses the Muse headband to measure the user's brain waves and determines the level of alertness. When the user's alertness level goes beyond a certain threshold value, the app triggers Bose, which will play a selected piece of music that fits the user's current mood.

How we built it

We implemented "libmuse" in Android studio to extract the beta wave value and set up a function that would trigger another function, which then uses XML and sends an HTTP request of a particular song to the Bose SoundTouch system.

Challenges we ran into

There were a couple of bugs that we had to resolve with regards to the XML parser on the Bose HTTP request side. We also needed to find an optimal way to extract a threshold value and ensure that once it was surpassed, music would start playing in the Bose system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

None of us in our team had worked with the Muse headband or the Bose SoundTouch system before, but we were able to learn quickly and develop a working app that integrates both technologies.

What's next for MUSEC

We want to be able to deal with more complicated emotions and integrate a Spotify API, in order to play any song that matches with the mood.

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