Control a Sphero ball with your mind.

Muse will measure your brain waves. Depending on the magnitude of the wave, the color of the Sphero will change color! Alpha -> Green, Beta -> Blue, Delta -> Red, Theta ->Yellow, Gamma ->White

When the player keeps calm, increasing the Alpha wave, the Sphero ball will move forward. When the player blinks his/her eyes, the ball will rotate clockwise.

The goal of the player is to control his/her mind and make the Sphero ball through the maze. Come find Jenny&Youn and try it out!

This is an iOS app built with Objective-C, Sphero SDK, and Muse SDK.

Challenges we had: -This is our first time using Objective-C as well as the two SDK's. -Originally we made this game super hard and had to adjust the level. -Because we didn't get any sleep, it was hard to control our own minds to test the game! but we did it! :D

Interesting fact:

  • Muse can bring more information than the 5 types of brainwaves. However we decided not to use them because we felt those were irrelevant to our project.
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