Due to corona, most of the activities, from education to workplace have shifted online. Museums, which are a great source of knowledge have suffered a lot due to the pandemic and lockdowns. This has caused so many disadvantages to the present generation. Therefore something has to be done about it so that they go digital or hybrid and people are still able to rejoice the arts and artifacts and have a platform to learn more about museums.

What it does

I have made a web app for co-creation and learning together. Similar to platforms like Udemy or Youtube, users can build their own micro courses and experiences and learn from others. An elaborate create tool allows for a lot of creativity and courses can go beyond video recordings or simple text instructions. There are podcasts which people can listen to on the go. It is possible to create a short module or to combine different modules to a longer course. Users can also co-create courses together. As in the other modules the “Academy” also focusses on the aspect of co-creation. It is no longer only the museum that offers content and knowledge. Within the “academy” everybody can share their knowledge and contribute to the learning experience

How we built it

I made it using react for the frontend and used redux for the state management. I have used firebase for authentication and database.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This amount of hard work in such short time is amazing

What we learned

What's next for Muse(um-Aca)demy

The backend will be refactored. The platform should be a digital knowledge repository for generations to come. So will be leveraging blockchain to power it so that it is immutable, secure.

Built With

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