What is muse?

Muse is a quick and easy-to-use song translator, changing the sound and lyrics of a song to any other language in a matter of seconds. It's designed around intuitive simplicity for the user: songs are fetched given a name and an author, and given a language they can be quickly translated over. It furthermore offers synchronized side-by-side lyrics in both the original and new language, making it easy to follow along with the translation.

Who is muse for?

Muse has no set audience. Whether you want to know what a song would sound like in another language, or wish to practice a different language by listening to translated versions of your favorite songs with lyrical overlays, or want to know what speech in another language sounds like, muse can seamlessly create and play back translated songs using little else than native Python.

How well does it translate?

Limitations on generating and augmenting tone prevent our rendition from sounding exactly like the original singer. Nonetheless, using lyrical spreadsheets we are able to get a temporally-accurate rendition of the song in a different language, albeit with a slightly more monotonic voice.

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