What it does

The indigenous comic and animation industry in Africa has continued to evolve and make commendable strides despite its early days riddled with under-representation, low quality, low visibility and other issues that battle a new creative industry within the continent.

Despite the scarcity of formal training opportunities, locally-made productions are already starting to take off, however there are existing challenges faced by content creators in this space. Many encounter obstacles in getting their content to a wide audience, and this is one of the problems that Muse solves.

MUSE is set to give African stories and story tellers a voice on the global scene; to help African Comic Book creators make merchandise of their content and showcase Africa's rich culture and diversity to the rest of the world. Imagine a comic book artist all the way in Madagascar creates a comic series, uploads it on the MUSE app and someone all the way in Japan reads such a comic, at the same time the comic artist in Madagascar earns revenue through views and impressions on his content in the app. This is what MUSE is about; empowering the African Comic book artist, script writer, inker, colourist etc.

How we built it

We built a flutter app, and a Django API. The app fetches data from and sends data to the API.

When a publisher uploads their comic on the app, it becomes accessible by all users in the app.

The MUSE app has an in-app currency called KAURI.

KAURI will be the basic utility coin within the app. Kauris can be gotten either through

  • Purchase on app
  • Received as Gift from other app users
  • Earned through referrals or rewarded add

Once purchased, the consumption of the coin will on apply to premium features within the app.

These Premium Features Include:

  • Ability to download comic episodes for offline reading
  • Ads become disabled
  • Ability to GIFT Kauri to other users
  • Ability to GIFT Kauri to Publishers
  • Access to read/download “Comics Labelled as PREMIUM”

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating Rust Smart Contracts
  • Building a stable reliable team with the required skillset.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Bringing together a team of bright minds(developers and content creators) to create a masterpiece.
  • Comic App Launch
  • Token creation on Solana Main Net

What's next for Muse

  • We'll be commencing a Mega Comic Book Contest all over Africa.
  • Development of African Animations Streaming Platform.
  • Commencement of NFT Campaign

N.B: The latest update of the MUSE app is currently undergoing review. It will soon be live.

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