As a student the struggle to remain focused on something is exceedingly difficult. ADHD diagnoses have grown rapidly over the past decade, for both children and adults. ADHD can result in difficulty completing everyday tasks, but also could hinder one's ability to achieve academically.

What it does:

Notifies user when they have lost focus on the task they wish to complete.

How we built it

Measures gamma waves using the Muse headband, calibrates before use to detect user patterns. Sends a notification to the user when they have lost focus

Challenges I ran into

Meshing the front-end and back-end development together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developed a functional prototype of our product, as well as designs for the front end.

What I learned

Things don't always go as planned when segmenting the work.

What's next for (muse)ful

Combining our front-end and back-end to make one sweet application!

See below for pics of our front-end design!

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