Sitting in front of a computer is a big problem we face nowadays. Long working hours or chatting with someone does not matter what causes we should do some kind of activity to keep our body and mental health in good shape. That is why MuscleUp was created.

What it does

MuscleUp is a simple browser extension that aims to motivate and remind but also instruct them for a better and healthy lifestyle. With user-selected program MuscleUp can :

  1. Provides animated instructions to selected moves.
  2. AI analyses your sentences and keeps track of what you have eaten.
  3. Detailed chart provides deep insight.
  4. Also you select the workout with equipment of your choice.

How I built it

Javascript,html,css,bootstrap,python,flask and stepzen were used for the development of this project.


Challenges I ran into

Even though I was totally in a rush I believe I did fairly well. This was my first time in extension development. I faced different issues, problems, and bugs but eventually solved them all. Also I used javascript which is not my primary language. So as a result I got tough lessons. There is no doubt my project is not in its best state. There is room for improvement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Chrome extension development and using stepzen are the accomplishments I am proud of. Also working under huge time pressure dealing with bugs and working with technologies I am totally new into.

What I learned

Keeping eye on the clock was the biggest takeaway I believe. Also technology-wise I learned extension development and how to use stepzen.

What's next for MuscleUp

These are the things I am planning to complete.

  • Improved UI
  • More functionalities such as nice and sophisticated charts for long terms. etc.
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