We wanted to make a health and fitness app that tackles problems that other apps have not even approached.

What it does

Muscle Guru helps plan workout routines by keeping track of the work done on each muscle head to prevent and correct muscular imbalances.

How we built it

Half of us used Netbeans to build a majority of the backend, while the other half worked on creating the Android App in Android Studio, making assets in photoshop using free-use images. We transferred the backend into Android Studio, then worked to connect it up to the application's activities and xmls. We spent the rest of the time implementing and tweaking features.

Challenges we ran into

Converting JSON objects into our Java code was probably one of the most challenging parts of the back end of our program. We wanted to allow the program to interface with a non-local JSON hosting service, which would allow us to update workouts in the future and push them to the clients. We decided to use Google's gson library, and found it to have one slight flaw. No matter how we modified the JSON, we could not get Java to register any Arrays, so we had to change our formatting so it didn't include any of these data types. We had to redesign the logic of our JSON code, to allow it to interface with the rest of the backend code.

Another challenge was learning how to use Android-Studio. No team members have had prior experience with the environment, which made it very hard to quickly develop and prototype our ideas. We persevered because we wanted to learn the environment and we know how powerful it can be for the experienced user. By attending the provided Android Studio workshop, watching youtube videos, and talking to the knowledgeable volunteers, our team was able to gain an understanding of how to work in Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team's greatest accomplishments were gaining a very strong understanding of Android development with no prior knowledge and being able to convert large amounts of data and code between multiple formats to create a singular, functional application.

What we learned

-Android development -software engineering organization -teamwork and communication

What's next for Muscle Guru

After extending the list of exercises, muscle guru will be further developed so that it will be able to design and recommend exercise routines to users based on their existing routines or personal muscular balance.

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