Many new artists are remixing current songs without obtaining the proper artist permission.

What it does

Musample provides a simple, step-by-step central platform for producers to use a resource for licensing their music. Future add-ons will develop a universal, deep data pool for all labels and licensing companies to use.

How we built it

Our User Interface team brainstormed business requirements for the product to achieve, as well as drawing mock screens. The development team took these requirements and built a functional website to showcase the event flow.

Challenges we ran into

Personnel issues reduced the development team to one person, limiting the features that could be developed. We decided to focus on a Minimum Viable Product to showcase the inspiration and solution we developed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We clearly defined roles in designing the product at all levels and efficiently communicated requirements. When these requirements changed, communication was effective and concise.

What we learned

We definitely learned the importance of redundancy in task assignments. We lost a developer midway who was responsible for the Cloudinary API research. In the future, multiple people at each level of product design will diversify responsibilities and avoid any single-point-of-failure.

What's next for Musample

This platform can become a universal API for all labels and licensing sectors, as well as an audio-footprinting service to drive diverse revenue streams for labels and artists.

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