We're inspire from transportation problem in our city. This is major

What it does

How I built it

We built solution on web and mobile using react and react-native technology and also use Bing maps for location of transport and their passengers for availability information.

Challenges I ran into

Major challenge in development was that: *Google does not allow to use Google Maps API for frequent use, so we learned Bing Maps API and implement our project using that. In Brainstorming the Idea: When we implement this idea, then why Transport Network will take our solutions for them, so we would give them the advantages that Transport Network owners will be able to monitor their transports.

Accomplishments on which we are proud of:

At first we will be able to deploy this solution this in any University's as a Pilot Project.

What I learned

To brainstorm the solution of a problem by keeping in mind the scalability, usability, business structure and specially the recognition of its public audience and then how to keep it sustainable and upgraded throughout time.

What's next for Musafir

To implement it for public Transports in Karachi and then in Pakistan.

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