The inspiration for Mureality came first as an idea from Google Earth and its capabilities of street view. Along with other inspirations such as:

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a single player game in which players are able to leave notes/advice/comments within the game world. These messages Players who log into the server will be introduced to new "easter eggs" and be placed in a rather interesting experience each time.


Place was a social experiment hosted on the subreddit r/place back in 2017 April Fool's day, whereby the idea of an online collaborative canvas was established. Each participant was only allowed to contribute a pixel from a 16-colour palette every 5 to 20 minutes over a 1000x1000 canvas.

The Problem Statement:

How might we...

  • reinvent the way creatives can collaborate and showcase work
  • while creating an interactive experience with public places
  • in a way that is safe and accessible?

Our team decided to mash the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) to bring about a new experience for creatives.

What it does

It is a mobile app that allows you to "tag" a real world location with your phone camera via augmented reality. These art pieces would appear on the map and in an AR view using your camera, so you can view them live at the location or while exploring the map from home.

It also functions as a hub for creatives to connect, collaborate, discover and inspire. Like other social media platforms, users can check out the works of other users, engage with their art, and follow their creative journey. Discovering other creatives through virtual murals they've left, users can inspire and engage with others.

How we built it

Figma was primarily used for the high fidelity prototype. We created a shared Figma team workspace and worked together on each piece from the lo-fi wireframes to the hi-fi clickable prototype.

Challenges we ran into

  • Determining what features were important to keep (Narrowing our scope)
  • Conducting interviews and surveys, designing the questionnaire (what questions we should be asking), and gathering participants and respondents in our limited time window
  • Ensuring that tasks could be split up in a way that gave everyone something to work on when they were online, made tasks as concurrent as possible to crunch for the deadline, and worked with everyone's schedules across timezones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able go through the entire design process and come up with a clickable prototype of our imagined app.
  • Completed our first Design Jam and submitted and presented before the deadline.
  • Ended up with a great prototype that we can show to friends or add to our portfolio.

What we learned

  • Everyone had a chance to help lead and delegate tasks, and determine what was left to do.
  • Some of the research methodologies we used were new for some of our members, and we worked together to come up with potential questions for our survey as well as conduct interviews.
  • Our members had varying levels of familiarity with Figma, and not only was it a good chance to practice wireframing, but we were also able to learn from each others' design methods, styles, and tricks.
  • Members also had varying levels of design experiences, with people coming from all kinds of backgrounds. Some were more familiar with working in a design team, while some had done more solo design projects; some had more visual or graphic design experience, while some came from other careers with different skillsets. We learned how to best give each other opportunities to learn as well as make the best use of each members' strengths. (All the while working over different timezones across the globe!)

What's next for Mureality


There were a lot of features that came up as ideas in our ideation stage, many of which we believe would be in high demand and would integrate well into our existing experience. These include but are not limited to:

  • Add tags to art to find similar works
  • Rewards and gamification for visiting mural locations or completing activities
  • Sharing photos and journal entries made at locations in a virtual guestbook
  • Ability to post art anonymously
  • Creating collections of locations
  • Sending messages to other users as "pen pals"

In future iterations, we would love to see many of these features implemented in Mureality - pending additional user research.

Usability Testing

One thing we didn't get as much time to do is walk potential users of Mureality through our hi-fi prototype. This would be incredibly helpful to inform next steps, improvements, future iterations, and feature ideas.

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