We love road trips. When driving long distances, apart from knowing the route to our destination, we are often unaware of the safety of different locales we travel through. Having this additional information can help us make better decisions when determining our driving routes.

What it does

We integrated crime information from data sets and our web programming skills to create an API that can locate where you are currently and evaluate the safety of your surrounding area.

How I built it

Web API: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Google API; Datasets: Kaggle FBI Crime Datasets for California and Python

Challenges I ran into

Deciding parameters for classifying high risk and low risk zones; Integrating data with Javascript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We found data and crime rates and cleaned it so that it could give an accurate information to the user

What I learned

Learnt how to use google Map APIs and data retrieval from Kaggle. Client Server Communication

What's next for mural

Making the app more responsive and creating an alert system so that the emergency contacts of the user get to know if they are in a high risk zone, only with the user's permisiion

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