We know that sometimes people get really sick that it's hard for them to travel all the way to a store to buy medicine. We wanted to help those who are troubled with such problems. We especially wanted college students to have easier access to medication while they were away from home.

What it does

Our website provides service for those who are in need of any medical products. When the user identifies what things they need and place an order, a nearby driver will be notified and will deliver to them.

How I built it

We used html and css for the front end. We worked on doing the back end using Node.js and Express but because of some difficulties, we couldn't finish.

Challenges I ran into

All of the team members were new to web development, especially back end, and it was really hard grasping the concept and figuring out where to start.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We taught ourselves how to do basic web development when most of the team members didn't know a lot about it to begin with.

What I learned

We learned how to use Node.js and do basic front end development. We also learned about services such as MongoDB and Heroku.

What's next for MUPS

Making the functionality come true to help college students around the nation.

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