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Muncher Cruncher is an electronic "food journal" that allows children 7-12 yrs old to crunch the numbers on everything they munch! We wanted to make food education fun for kids our own age so we invented the “Muncher Cruncher” tool to help kids keep track of how many servings of each food group they are eating each day and the companion game “Crunch Time” to teach kids how many servings of each food group they should be eating each day. The “Cruncher Muncher” is a simple and easy to use tool that keeps a running tally of how many servings of the different food groups you eat every day. Just tap the appropriate food icons at the end of every meal and check your score at the end of the day! The colorful food icons and the moving cupcake makes the Cruncher Muncher easy and fun to use. The phone app allows children to keep an accurate count of each serving they eat because they can take it with them to breakfast at home, lunch at school, and even dinner at a restaurant and enter the number of servings right then and there before they forget what they ate! You can even set a reminder on your phone to use your Cruncher Muncher! Each food icon is carefully drawn to represent accurately the serving size of each food group (one slice of bread, one cup of milk, etc.) The grain, veggie, fruit, dairy, and meat and bean icons are stationary because multiple servings of all these food groups are necessary for a balanced diet. The cupcake moves around making it more difficult to tap to remind children that they should eat sugar/fats sparingly. The app also includes a bar code scanner and pedometer (shoe icon) and future upgrades will allow users to track their physical activity level and caloric intake as well as scanning in and evaluating the items on their grocery shopping list every week! The phone app will make it possible for adults to take it to the market with them and scan in everything they buy to make sure they are providing their children with a balanced diet. The bar code scanner and pedometer are still in the development stage and the icons are mostly there to represent future upgrades.


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