Many a times has an ambitious young professional been set back on their motivation towards world dominance due to the woes of having to research company after company, university after university, in order to corresponding effectively with sets of people that may aid them in their quest towards glory. His/her time is precious. Why must such a trivial, inane circumstance be such an obstacle to such a brilliant individual?


What it does

Munchee takes a bite out of the time needed to Google companies or universities one at a time, instead allowing the user to do multiple searches at once. Munchee requires users to login with their professional LinkedIn profile, and customizes the search results to give users general knowledge and ideas for networking.

How we built it

We built a Django framework that makes extensive use of the LinkedIn API. We included text mining and analysis demonstrated through use of the Python nltk library.

Challenges we ran into

LinkedIn authentication, Django implementation, Microsoft Azure inconveniences, domain name propagation problems

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Because the members of our group had very little to no experience with Django, we essentially learned and created the website from scratch. It was an amazing learning experience. We got it to work. and it is definitely something that we could make full use of in the future.

What we learned

Django, text mining,

What's next for Munchee

Continued development to dramatically increase features through customization, data mining, and machine learning.

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