Inspiration: Our team looked to find a solution to the issue of "overchoice," when a person is overloaded with too many options and is unable to pick one.

What it does: Our web program would allow a user to input what kind of restaurant they want and our program would find nearby results and put them in a bracket, which then would allow the user to traverse through the bracket picking restaurants from matchups, until a winner of the restaurant tournament is chosen and the user knows where to eat.

How I built it: A combination of HTML/CSS and JS for functionality, styled mainly with Bootstrap. Restaurant data search was done with the Google Places API, and p5.js was used to make the bracket.

Challenges I ran into: CORS requests were tough. p5.js is not made for large scale animation, and the recursive bracket generation made it difficult to easily shift the whole bracket and structure is as desired. Formatting the pages so that they actually display what is desired in the format we wanted was difficult. Trying to figure out how to fix a data race issue with a Javascript callback function.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Our perseverance throughout our first hackathon!

What I learned: How useful API's are.

What's next for Munch Madness: iOS?

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