Introduction Hello esteemed judges, we are a team of passionate foodies who are excited to present our groundbreaking project - [Munch.AI]. We believe that cooking should be easy, fun, and accessible to everyone, no matter their dietary needs or budget.

The Problem As college students, we understand the struggles of finding healthy and affordable meals that cater to our busy schedules and unique dietary needs. We also recognize the challenges faced by individuals with food allergies or intolerances, who often struggle to find recipes that meet their needs. Moreover, the lack of diversity and availability of nutritious options in dining halls and restaurants can lead to unhealthy eating habits and obesity among students.

The Solution That's where [Munch.AI] comes in. Our AI-powered website generates new and exciting recipes that cater to your taste buds and dietary needs. With [Munch.AI], you can discover delicious and healthy meals that fit your busy lifestyle and budget. We carefully approach the social issue of unhealthy eating habits by providing a platform that makes cooking easy, fun, and accessible to everyone. By utilizing seasonal ingredients and supporting local farmers, we also promote a more sustainable and equitable food system. The Impact We believe that everyone should have access to delicious, healthy, and affordable meals that cater to their unique dietary needs and restrictions. By addressing the social issue of unhealthy eating habits among students, we hope that [Munch.AI] can be an alternative, innovative way of tackling this problem.

What if we had more time? If we had more time, we would create a cleaner high-fidelity interface for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We want to make sure that [Munch.AI] is accessible to everyone, no matter what device they use.

The Struggles As first-year students competing in our first-ever hackathon comprised of an international team from UCSD, we faced internal conflicts of confusion and simply doubt. However, we persevered and overcame these challenges to create a highly technical and impactful project. We are excited to present [Munch.AI]( to the judges today and share our passion for creating a more sustainable and equitable food system.

What we Learned Besides the technical knowledge coming into his hackathon with no experience in web development from any of us, I think the most valuable experience we learned today was how to navigate unfamiliar territory together. Coding and development is an intimidating field, but we managed to muster up the courage of asking for guidance and taking every error as a learning moment. There were times when we raised our voices in passion, but in the end, we understand our common goal of creating projects for a good cause empowers us. By working together, we can empower our community to make healthier and more sustainable food choices. Thank you for considering [Munch.AI] as a contender for this hackathon.

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