At a recent Model UN conference, a member of our team noticed that the chairs (the people in charge of the committee she was in) were having a difficult time getting all their different needs going (a google doc to keep track of countries, a phone timer app to check speech length, and a separate google doc to keep track of any points or motions brought up in committee). We decided that in order to streamline the chair user experience, it would be very helpful to make a web app that combined all the different aspects into one user experience.

What it does

 A user may log in or create a new account as a chair. Once logged in, the chair may create a new committee, in which there is a motions and speakers list for them to input motions suggested by countries, and country names. There is also a timer that runs a specified number of times for a specified amount of time, to eliminate the need for an external timer app.

How we built it

 We started with a general design concept created by our resident Model UN expert.  Then we implemented it using HTML, JQuery, and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

 We had to learn how to use bootstrap.  Firebase caused us some trouble but we fixed it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Implementing user accounts and enabling data persistence across all devices

What we learned

 How to use bootstrap and deploy a website using Github Pages.

What's next for MUN Helper

 Adding more features
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