How many times have your parents or grandparents called you to ask for help with their mobile phone, tablet on computer problems? Yeah.

That’s why we’ve created Mummo: a simple service for connecting those who need help with those who are able to help. We will have a network of close-by helpers always ready to assist.

How does it work? Grandma or grandpa sends a text message to our number to start a conversation. We then ask for their postal code. Based on the code, we will connect them with a nearby helper for a call to figure out what the problem really is. If the problems isn’t solved on the phone, the helper can make a house call. If grandma wants to pay, she can.

Our verified helpers get push notifications whenever someone near them is requesting for help, thanks to the Donky API.

For initiating the SMS conversation and making the conference call we use the Trulio API. We built it with Meteor so that we can create Android and iOS versions of it.

Besides helping people with their everyday tech problems, we can help bind the local communities closer together. A lot of elderly people experience loneliness every day and any human contact contributes to their wellbeing.

To keep Mummo going, we’ll take a 10 % slice out of every fee paid. We’ll gather data about the type of problems users have and can resell that after anonymising and aggregating the data. The users can give feedback on the helpers and in the long run, we can recommend the best helpers.

And next time we visit our parents we can focus on how they’re doing instead of how their computers are doing.

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