After hearing a representative from Private Internet Access describe why internet security is so important, we wanted to find a way to simply make commonly used messaging platforms more secure for sharing sensitive and private information.

What it does

Mummify provides in-browser text encryption and decryption by simply highlighting and clicking the Chrome Extension icon. It uses a multi-layer encryption by having both a private key and a public key. Anyone is able to encrypt using your public key, but only you are able to decrypt it.

How we built it

Mummify is a Chrome Extension built using Javascript (jQuery), HTML, and CSS.

We did a lot of research about cryptography, deciding that we would be using asymmetric encryption with private key and public key to ensure complete privacy and security for the user. We then started to dive into building a Chrome extension, using JavaScript, JQuery and HTML to map out the logics behind our encryption and decryption extension. Lastly, we polished our extension with simple and user-friendly UI design and launched Mummify website!

We used Microsoft Azure technologies to host and maintain our webpage which was built using Bootstrap (HTML+CSS), and used to get our domain name.

Challenges we ran into

  • What is the punniest domain name (in the whole world) that we can come up with?
  • How do we make a Chrome Extension?
  • Developing secure encryption algorithms.
  • How to create shareable keys without defeating the purpose of encryption.
  • How to directly replace the highlighted text within an entry field.
  • Bridging the extension and the web page.
  • Having our extension work on different chat message platforms. (Messenger, HangOuts, Slack...)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managing to overcome all our challenges!
  • Learning javascript in less than 24 hours.
  • Coming together to work as the Best Team at nwHacks off of a random Facebook post!
  • Creating a fully-usable application in less than 24 hours.
  • Developing a secure encryption algorithm on the fly.
  • Learning how to harness the powers of Microsoft Azure.

What we learned

Javascript is as frustrating as people make it out to be. Facebook, G-mail, Hotmail, and many other sites all use very diverse build methods which makes it hard for an Extension to work the same on all.

What's next for Mummify

We hope to deploy Mummify to the Chrome Web Store and continue working as a team to develop and maintain our extension, as well as advocating for privacy on the internet!

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