Having lived in Mumbai for many years, I understand how difficult it is to travel and move around during the Monsoon. With Water Logging and delays in Public Transport, I definitely feel that the mobility can be improved with the help of technology. And so, Mumbai Monsoon Helper is an attempt to provide a solution for Mumbaikars to face the Mighty Mumbai Rains.

Mumbai Monsoon Helper is an Android Application and the solution, itself is a journey, with many features planned in future which shall also leverage OpenXC Platform. The idea is to develop the application with more features and make it available over a number of platforms.

Features of Mumbai Monsoon Helper:

  • Provides Current Weather Details and Weather Forecast
  • Information on Water Logged Areas with Severity Details
  • Crowd sourced Information for Water Logging
  • Provides Weather Map for the Next Few Hours

Future Enhancements:

  • Navigation System with Optimised route which shall avoid Water Logging
  • Intelligent Algorithm to provide more weightage to most recently reporting Water Logging
  • Intelligent Algorithm to cater to receding of water from the reported Water Logged areas
  • Real Time Information on Public Transport
  • Real Time Information Sharing via IoT Platform

Future Enhancements by Integrating OpenXC:

  • Use Vehicle itself as a Internet of Thing device to gather Information like Current Speed, Wiper Blade Status, etc. to assess the current Water Logging and Mobility Issues across Mumbai
  • With Vehicle as Internet of Thing device, use the Information collected to update the Water Logging Heat Map in real time, without relying on Crowd-Sourcing
  • Provide real time route alternatives within Navigation System with routes that avoid Water Logged areas

With Mumbai Monsoon Helper, Make your Journey a Breeze...!

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