As the challenge rightly described, living in Mumbai during the monsoon is sometimes a difficult task and often timely information can go a long way to help make a decision to travel in a particular direction. Being born and brought up in Mumbai and currently residing in Mumbai, I often feel that given our connectivity via devices/networks and available information, the next best thing to do would be to provide this information as things happen or on demand to the user.

So my solution Mumbai Monsoon Alerts targets 2 broad categories : Information and Delivery Channels.

By information, the application provides data on the following:

Rainfall Alert - Get information on amount of Rainfall in your area of interest. You can mark upto 4 areas in Mumbai that you would like to get notified of in case of heavy rain (>15mm in last hour) High Tide Alert - Get information on High Tides Traffic Diversions - Get notified of any Traffic Diversions due to heavy rainfall Choose your area - The notifications will be sent only in the area that you are interested.

Since consumers prefer different ways and channels of getting notified, the application delivers this via the following channels: 1) Web site 2) Google Talk Bot 3) Email 4) Android Application (+ Wear Integration)

The web application (including signing up) is present at and the full user guide is available at :

The Android application is also available for download at :

Due to lack of time, I could not submit my add-on which integrates with Ford OpenXC Platform also. This is what I have done so far and in the near future, I will release its integration with OpenXC : a) I retrieve the current lat/lon of the vehicle from the OpenXC Data. b) I find the weather stations that are nearest to the current lat/lon returned by (a). c) I query for rainfall measured by those weather stations and if the rainfall is greater than 15mm in the last hour, which I am classifying as moderate - heavy rainfall then I raise an alert. This alert will appear on the Android device and also on the Wearable device.

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