Our inspiration was seeing many people facing storage and internet problems in their android cell phones. With our app, everyone will have access to all the apps that they need by only having in their cell phones one app. MTA saves storage, battery, and internet because you will only have one app in your cell phone instead of many of them.

What it does

Having our app is like using another type of technology. Do you imagine how much storage, battery, and internet you can save with our app? It's unimaginable.

How we built it

The way that we built the app was using the MIT App Inventor. Through this way we practiced our App Designing skills.

Challenges we ran into

When making the app, we faced a few challenges such as the fact that we couldn't pick ideas since we had a lot. We solved this by discussing each idea and we tried to find the right one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that we are proud of are to be making an app that will help a lot of people with their phones' problems.

What we learned

With the involvement of our selves in this project we have learned a lot of skills that no one could imagine. From our App Designing Skills to the Group Management Skills!

What's next for Multitasking App

The next for Multitasking App is to be a great platform of apps. We will try to make Multitasking App like an Amazon App Market.

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