Ordinary surgical mask.

What it does

Improved surgical mask to prolong its use and to minimize its waste and cost.

How we built it

Main part of the mask can be made from various types of materials, making it suitable for multiple use, while at the back-side of the central filtration part we place disposable insert pad, made from the material used for ordinary 3-ply surgical mask. Central front-side of the main mask can be made of various materials, designs and finishes as well,

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge is how to quickly, easily efficiently attach the central filtretion part as the insert pad to the back-side the main mask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to prolong single use of disposable surgical mask, while minimizing its cost and wast that it produces (reduced size of disposable 3-ply filter).

What we learned

It is possible to improve single use surgical mask by prolonging its use, while at the same time we minimaze the waste (ecological aspect) and its cost (economical aspect).

What's next for MultiShield2020

Production of prototype and the search for investors.

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