I always took hundreds of photos during my traveling or any event with my friends. The problem was that I did not appear in my photos and I did not have the access to other photographer´s images. But if I traveled with other photographers, they took pictures of me. We exchanged Email addresses after the trip, but we never exchanged the photos. Rarely a few of them. That was the reason why my team developed Sharcam, the best app for sharing photos and videos from any event. We also prepared a mobile app, since the majority of people take pictures by mobile phone. The appearance of COVID 19 stopped all our developing activities. Still, we decided to make Sharcam available to facilitate quarantine and stay at homey offering a multimedia space for people sorting out their passed events and sharing them with friends.

What it does

Sharcam can be used to create an event (mostly virtual this time) and share photos and videos. Event in Sharcam will copy the event in a real life, like party, wedding, trip, celebration. It can by used by 1 person just presenting his photos or by pull of participants mutually sharing their photos and videos. The possibilities are endless. For the purpose of the fight against COVID19, we make this platform available for church communities who want share memories with the friends and neighbors. .

How we built it

Sharcam is a part of a larger project called Pixarnia is a virtual gallery with endless features gathering Google Photos, iPhotos, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox..., but also with the characteristics which has none of them. Pixarnia is a robust and expensive system, and we realized that without external investment, we are unable to finish it. That was the reason why we decided to narrow the niche for sharing multimedia content from any event. Later we concentrated just on traveling niche. Sharcam works as a standard website as well as a mobile phone app. The whole app is built on API, so it is easy to be incorporated into any website.

Challenges we ran into

Firts we started to build a Sharcam as general platform to share multimedia content. After the discussion with travel agencies we started to build Sharcam for travelers, we discussed with the travel agencies to find out their needs, and we identified two areas of their interest. First of them was the possibility to have a virtual wall scratch map on which travelers can show countries they visited, and the second was allowing to share photos and videos from holidays and expeditions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team did a really good job, we developed MVP, and we were about a month from launching a Beta version. Sharcam is ready to help in the fight against COVID 19 by allowing people to arrange their multimedia content, share the right mood and the humor, or even build a strong relationship.

What I learned

I am an optimist in my life. I do not see the problems but opportunities. Though COVID delayed for months the official launch of our travel apps, cut-off our income, we see here the opportunity to use our app in the fight against it. The sooner we win over Coronavirus, the sooner we will start to travel again, and the sooner the travelers will use our apps. We will win together!

What's next for Multimedia platform to share photos and videos from events?

We took part on this hackathon to show the variety of solutions. We sincerely believe, that sharing our past experience with our friends and neighbors will strengthen our friendship. Since COVID cut our income, we had to stop the development of Sharcam on MVP level. Mobile apps are ready to be published. We are ready to continue and deliver BETA version if users are interested in. To test our MVP, go to

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