The project is intended for groups or individuals working on shared documents (on google docs) which want to encrypt and maintain the document's integrity while the parties are apart. Our addon provides an intuitive interface for un/locking documents and viewing the current document's status. An example of usage may be when writing an agreement - both sides work on the document but want to be present whenever it's being edited and resume from where they left off.

The code is built as a google-doc addon script. The addon allows the users to lock, unlock, and view which of the other editors are currently locking the document. The addon stores the document in an encrypted manner (AES256) on the server side and replaces the text with a generic message. The document is only decrypted once all editors have chosen to 'unlock' it, at which case the MultiLock message is replaced with the original text.

The addon has many utilities:

  • While negotiating a deal, have a known, agreed-upon copy of the document
  • When working on a confidential document, protect yourself from a single-point of failure in case a partner's account is hacked.
  • Encrypt a private document to disallow Google's (or some intelligence agency's) automated scripts from analyzing your data.
  • Allows mass-reveal of a document for some event by encrypting the document and unlocking it once the time is right.

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