When I was first learning English I really wished if there was an app like this, to test myself. It was an easy decision once we were introduced the power of Google Cloud Platform API's.

What it does

Our project uses Google's Vision and Translation API's to create a fun interactive quiz for students learning different languages. With the power of Vision API people can find what objects are called just by uploading a picture to our web system. Using Google's Translation API students can test themselves with words in any languages they wish to master.

So we combined these two and gave easy "test yourself" web app that takes in the pictures posted by the user, shuffles them and asks which one is called what in their chosen languages.

How we built it

We used the flask to control render the HTML files so it can have different outputs to every picture input and used the vision and translation API's to process the incoming data.

Challenges we ran into

We had the most problem getting started with the API's it was a completely new system for us, but it was user-friendly enough to have a working project at the end of this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are just proud that we got to finish it and implement its CSS so it looks nicer.

What we learned

We have learned so much from the last few days. We learned how to make web systems, HTML, CSS, flask, jinja and new python tricks that we did not know before.

What's next for Multilingualism

We will add all the languages Google platform can offer and give a loop system for the images so it can be used by teachers to prepare a test for students. We will also create random word generator tools so that teachers can make multiple choice questions as well.

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