This was all started from a story by a friend of mine. Her grandmother, who doesn't speak any English, was in the hospital. Due to her lack of English abilities, she wasn't able to really communicate with the (English only) nurses. Unless there was family there, communication had to be done through a translator and miming. This really isn't all the practical for simple items such as "I need to go to the bathroom" or "I'm hungry."

My friends solution was to write out a piece of paper that had some common, simple items on it, like "I'm hungry." with both Việt and English equivalents on them. This reduced the need for family there, and for getting a translator for such a simple task.

Multilingual nurse helps with that, by giving a simple interface for 7 different languages (21 combinations) each having common phrases on them. It's not limited to just English and , any combination of the 7 languages is available.

The sheet can be printed out, or pointed on on a screen, it works and displays well on both.

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