It is hard to get fair feedback about your job, skills, or interview result. People around are caring about other's emotions or just humble, so they can not tell value feedback from time to time. But if you will give feedback anonymously?

What it does

MultiChat is a fast and easy way to communicate. Registration is not required. You can create rooms or use the invite link for connecting to existed room.

How we built it

We used Blazor with Telerik UI libraries. Used SignalR to communicate between chats, Entity Framework as ORM. The database is in the memory for easy testing.

How we deploy it

We deploy the app via Heroku for test purposes. So you can try it out just check the link below. App deployed to Heroku can sleep, please, wait until it awake.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We build a small and stable messenger for real-time communication.

What's next for MultiChat

  • show google captcha before creating a room or use invite links,
  • improve UI/UX,
  • list of online users in the room,
  • page with logs (about a room expiring),
  • allow leaving rooms without close the current browser tab,
  • use PostgreSQL as DB,
  • save sessions via cookies.

And as a global goal, maybe MultiChat will be a new messenger or will have some functions like social networks.

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