The Incase project was motivated by the challenges of lost private keys and uncertainty around the ownership and distribution of digital assets after death. In the context of cryptocurrency and blockchain, private keys serve as the sole means to access and manage digital assets. If a private key is lost, the assets become permanently inaccessible. Furthermore, the passing of an asset owner raises questions about how their digital assets should be divided, adding to the complexity. Therefore, the Incase project aims to provide a secure and accessible way to store private keys and ensure the proper distribution of digital assets.

What it does

Incase aims to solve these problems by allowing users to set beneficiaries to their digital assets in their wallet, which will automatically transfer upon death or loss of keys. It provides a backup plan for lost private keys and ensures that digital assets are distributed according to the owner's wishes. Sets beneficiaries to the assets in your wallet. FTM tokens, ERC-115 or FTM NFTs will automatically transfer upon death or loss of keys.

How we built it

This project is built with the following open source libraries, frameworks and languages. User choice of framework used, available in plain js or typescript. Tech Description | <------ React Frontend Environment ------> | [Next JS] ---------> React Framework | <------ CSS Framework ------> | [Tailwind] | A utility-first CSS framework | <------ Ethereum Development Environment ------> | [Hardhat] Ethereum development environment for professionals | <------ Included Libraries ------> | [WAGMI] A set of React Hooks for Web3 [RainbowKit] RainbowKit is a React library that makes it easy to add wallet connection to your dapp. [ChainlinkAutomation] Automatic Execution service for your smart contracts

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deployed on several blcokchain

What we learned

What's next for Multi_Incase

The project still has some areas to work on, such as drop-down options for existing tokens in the wallet, giving a grace period before execution, and sending reminders to email/calendar when the check-in date is coming up

Built With

  • 5ire
  • hardhat
  • mantle
  • nextjs
  • xdc
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